YAANA FUTURE MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED company is not only a company but also an emotion from the directors side to create an ambience for prosperity, peace along with good health. The aim of YFM is to make everyone capable for not only earning his bread but along with that making people capable of living their life luxuriously. We as company understand the atmosphere of today’s world which is not only running short of having fulfill ones desires and dreams. YFM is committed to help people to realise the dreams and desires to create their own success stories. We believe YFM is not only a business but more than that it is a life style that mostly people love to live as an Indian. We understand and respect each and every religion, custom, cast and creed. It is from their feeling of togetherness is felt. Team YFM will not leave any stone unturned to promote the feeling of togetherness and brotherhoodness in this society of the mighty nation India. Jai hind.